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Social Media – give us a thumbs up

logo social media ashes

Social media what’s it all about ah? Truth is it moves so quickly and leaves the vast majority of us a bit bewildered – ‘have you pintrested this and that, oh I have moved to intagram as facebook is not for me …. what ah?!? etc etc .’

What I do know is that an increasing number of people tell me how important it is. Therefore, if we are to inform poeple of the how’s, why’s and pitfalls of scattering or keeping ashes we need to be able to communicate in a way the suits all.

So if you would like what we are doing and wish to help us to get the information out there, could you:

Follow us on Twitter – @ashesscattering

Give us a like on Facebook 

Oh while I am on the self promtion trail have you seen our sister sites:

Phonix Garden Memorials and Scattering on Water

It is all most appreciated.

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