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scattering ashes wen wrong

Scattering ashes on a windy day: how not to do it!!

Scattering ashes on a windy day. When a scattering ashes ceremony goes wrong it often becomes a story in many a family’s mythology. The truth is scattering ashes and the wind don’t often mix well.

This poor lady gets it almost entirely wrong.

Her son filming it, sees the funny side. His mum trying to be serious realises her planning left a little to be desired.

So lessons learnt:

  • Wind and Height – the higher you go the windier it is
  • Bridges are windy because they are more exposed
  • Check to see if there is anything to prevent you from scattering the ashes – in this case a high barrier on the bridge and a ledge beneath it become major obstacles.

I don’t often join in the chorus of hilarity in such things, one has to sympathy for the poor woman  – I doubt this was her intention when she planned her mum’s send off, although the son’s infectious laughter is difficult to resist!

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