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flowers at scattering ashes ceremony

Scattering ashes scattering flowers: meaning and symbolism

flowers at scattering ashes ceremony

Flowers are closely associated with funerals. And scattering flower during the ceremony adds a really love touch to the proceedings. You may choose a type of flower because that was your loved one favourite, you may choose one because you think it is fitting or you like the colour.

However you may choose a flower for the symbolic nature. The Victorians developed a whole language around the symbolism of flowers and their colour.

Perhaps the skills of floriography have faded, but the symbolism they provide is wonderful and can add heartfelt meaning where sometimes word aren’t easy to find.

We stock a number of different types of rose petals; we thought you might like to know the symbolism of they are associated with:

Rose petals for scattering:
Red True love
Blue Mystery, love at first sight
White Peace or innocence,
Yellow Friendship and devotion,
Pink Grace, the joy of life, desire
Red and white together United

Some flowers meaning has lasted the test of time (red roses for example) others less so, here are a few more suggestions where we thought their meaning could be really suitable for your ceremony:

Daisy Innocence or purity
Anemone Unfading love
Pansy Thought
Daffodil Respect
Strand of ivy Fidelity and friendship
Dahlia Elegance and dignity
Magnolia Love of nature
Marigold Pain and grief
Purple Tulip Forever love

…Oh and white lily’s so often associated with death and bereavement represent purity.

Here is one more thought if you are scattering in the wildness – it could be a really nice idea to mix some appropriate wildflower seeds in with ashes when you scatter them.

Flowers are wonderful a message sent, unspoken, full of meaning.

For a comprehensive listing:

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