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scatter ashes at night

Scattering ashes in the Sky – Fireworks to Outer Space

So you are thinking about sending your ashes into the Heavens?

Here is a list of your options by order of height:

Firework – Self fire – £385 plus carriage – you can do it where you choose, reasonably inexpensive.

Firework – Display – £850 – £3000+ – very impressive and memorable, you can go out with a big bang, we deal with a range of different companies and can get the right approach for you.

Hot Air Balloon – £500+ – Choice of venues around the country, serene and peaceful.

Plane – £500+ (usually around the £1000) – the company that can come to an airfield near you, you can have one passenger, they use a specially designed release mechanism for the ashes.

Sky Diving – $500+ – great, but until the service is operated here you will need to go to the USA.

Top of the range Helium / Weather Balloon – £3000 – All of the ashes sent into the stratosphere and scattered at the edge of space.

Space rocket – $700 to $12500 – the difference in price is dependant on how far you wish to go. They carry a smallish percentage of the ash and take it into space, at the more affordable end of the range the ashes return to earth the top end the carry on travelling forever. The company is based in the USA

Well I think that about covers it! Oh yes we do a starry night scatter tube for those Star Gazers among you.

(Prices are current or reasonable estimates at the time of publishing this post)

If any interest you just let us know…

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