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sailors ashes

A service for Royal Navy & Royal Marines who ‘cross the bar’

Committal of ashes to sea –  A service for Military personal including Royal Navy & Royal Marines ‘crossing the bar

Every Seaman you ever speak to will tell you the sea runs right to their very core of their soul, for many the image of a burial at sea looms large in the imagination. Whilst burials at sea in coastal waters are difficult to arrange and only permitted in specific places,  the option to have their ashes committed to the sea is available to all.

Royal Navy carries out the water burials at sea for cremated remains from Portsmouth, Plymouth (Devonport) and The Clyde (Faslane).

The service is free and available to

  • All former members of the Armed Forces and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.
  • The service is available  for spouses of anyone who would have been eligible.
  • Merchant Navy are considered on a case by case and certainly any war service would count. They also consider Sea Cadet Leaders and those who have worked in the Dockyard or Maritime Defence.

There are certain conditions primarily about the urn which needs to fit for purpose (which we can help with) and the numbers and ages of those attending, but what a great send of for Salty Dogs and Jack Tar’s alike!

To arrange for a committal service by the Royal Naval Chaplaincy service – Royal Naval Committal 

For a Royal Naval Committal Urn design for the ceremony follow the link.

The expression Cross the Bar or Crossing the Bar relates to an Alfred Lord Tennyson poem – Crossing the Bar, it is a euphemism for a sailor passing away.

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