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Rich Rituals by Final Fling

The following post has been written by a company we support called Final Fling based is Scotland, your personal ante-fatal clinic. The place to sort your stuff ‘afore ye go’. Final Fling is the spirited, pragmatic home of end-of-life planning. Do it in the good times – don’t leave it to someone else. moreOur cat is sitting in the cupboard. Well, her ashes that is. In a nice wee tub. Still not very sure what to do with her… ever since we discovered in researching for Final Fling that ashes are not enriching for the earth. We had thought we’d plant a tree in the garden but that’s off the agenda. We live in a top floor flat so we could just chuck them out the window from her favourite viewpoint I guess. Ponder on.
It was easier somehow when my partner’s stepdad died last year. They lived by the sea in Kintyre. Beautiful spot. Their big picture window gives views across the sea to the local landmark, Ailsa Craig – aka Paddy’s Milestone: a big old heap of a stepping stone planted in the Irish Sea, seen from the whole south west coast.
So some months after Vic’s death, the family got together with friends and scattered a few meaningful words, petals and ashes seaward, remembering and celebrating Vic and all he brought to life.
These moments matter.
Let’s keep our rituals rich.”

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