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cremation memorial jewellery

Remembrance Jewellery – a really unique way to memorialise

cremation memorial jewellery

Getting the right connection between yourself and the persons that you loved is important, there is a a range of jewellery that either incorporates cremated ashes or allows you to put the ashes in a hollow container.

Here is someone we have found that does something a little different and we like it. To be fair it is a  slight departure from all matters ashes and lies more in memorialisation. However, Rosie Weisencrantz does something very special – she create jewellery from momentous, memorabilia, keepsakes and old jewellery and creates something new, beautiful and precious. All of her pieces are bespoke and we think it is wonderful, here is one of hers..

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    Rosie Weisencrantz - 11th November 2010

    It is amazing how creative we can be when it comes to creating a piece of remembrance jewellery. As well as beads and brooches, I can incorporate hair clippings, photos, buttons, coins, and also organise for pieces to be engraved. The one thing i can guarantee is that you will end up with a momento so personal and unique that you will treasure it forever.

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