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regional variation inn ashes

Regional variations in our relationship with ashes

By and large us Brits are of a mind when it comes to cremation and the scattering of ashes – across age, political persuasion, gender and locality we are broadly similar in outlook. With one notable exception – The older we get the more we would prefer to be cremated.

However, the recent YouGov survey on attitudes towards death, cremation and scattering ashes threw up a few interesting titbits. Now as this article is not super serious I am going to play with the statics a bit,  in the same way that our delightful tabloid press tends to do, so the following can be gleaned from the data…

  • A UKIP supporter is five and a half times more likely to want their as to be kept compared to Lib-Dem.
  • Women are almost twice as likely as men to want to have their ashes kept.
  • Those that didn’t vote in Brexit referendum are 50% more indecisive about being kept or scatter compared to those that did vote.
  • Scots are the most likely to wish to be buried, however if they are cremated they are the most likely to want to be scattered (as opposed to kept).
  • Londoners are the most likely people in the country to want to be kept.
  • Londoners are ten times more likely to want their ashes to be kept than Scots.

So, there you go, who knew ah? well I did and now you do.

With a lot of the above you are dealing with small percentages so small differences can attract big labels, but I think the variation between Londoners and Scots in terms of who wants their ashes scattered is the most interesting. I think the reason could be twofold – Scots and Londoners very much see themselves as part of their landscape and London is concrete and crowded, whereas Scotland is a lot of wilderness and space (well mostly). Perhaps this is my imagination running away with me, but it makes sense in my head…

Anyway to see a breakdown of the figures go to:


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