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Putting ashes into Keepsake Jewellery: how a glass charm beads are made


Keepsake jewelery
Charm Bead Keepsake Jewellery

The process is known as lampworking, a glass rod is heated to a molten state using propane torch. The molten glass is then wound around the mandrel (thin dowel used to manipulate the bead) the ashes are then introduced to the glass when it is in it molten state. The mandrel is spun by hand to shape the bead.

Once this is done and the charm bead is no longer in its molten state the bead is placed in a kiln. The kiln is left to cool slowly, the mandrel is removed and the hole is smooth with a reamer.

There you go – one beautiful memorial charm bead!

Memorial jewlery charm bracelet
Making memorial charm bracelet










Answers to other question you may have:

Only a very small amount of ash is needed to make the memorial jewellery usually less than a teaspoon then all remaining ash will be returned after the process.

Once the order is placed you will be sent a pack in which to place some of the cremation ashes. For return the ashes we advise registered post – for peace of mind.

Once in possession the jewellers go to the utmost lengths to ensure your ashes are kept safely – they will respect the ashes of your loved one.

Orders generally take between 6 to 8 weeks from when the ashes are returned.

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