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Crematoin survey

What do the public think of Crematoria – Part 1

We are running an on-going survey on the website asking members of the public what they think of crematoria. We understand that those offering cremation services are in a difficult position when wanting feedback on what they provide – they can hardly stand outside with a clipboard.

Over three posts we will shedding light on some of the highs and lows of what the public love and what they don’t.

We have been collecting results since the end of last year (2016) and we now feel we have enough data to make some broad statements. If you want to see the survey – here is the link – survey . Before any data collection experts haul me over the coals,  I have done my best to make it non-prejudicial or leaning, but others may think differently.

The headline figure is perhaps the most interesting. On the main question –

Overall how would you rate the crematorium the score was a whopping 4.4 out of five (with over 70% of respondents scoring 5 out of 5) for the overall experience.

What are the top 10 issues they most dislike?

  1. If there is nobody to greet them when they arrive and show them the way (this was the most common complaint)
  2. Not having enough time in the chapel
  3. A poor sound system
  4. Uncomfortable seating and/or lack of consideration for disabled guests
  5. Unattractive chapels with tired decoration schemes
  6. Waiting areas that are not private, uncovered or too small to accommodate everyone attending
  7. Poor parking
  8. Rudeness of those officiating
  9. Lack of time and attention from the priest or vicar
  10. Not being offered a cup of tea

Oh, and one person would have liked a water fountain! (which I thought was nice)

All issues seem fairly reasonable and things that one might expect. I hope those controlling the budget are investing in such issues. As cremation these days averages at around £750 – so one should expect things to be right.

Over the next two posts we will explore the public opinion on decor, gardens of remembrance and whether or not they thought the cremation was value for money, which is a difficult question to ask and to answer, but very important nonetheless.

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