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ashes in the post

Can you send cremation ashes in the post?

Royal Mail Policy on sending Ashes in the post

You cannot send the whole amount of cremated human remains / cremation ashes in the post. You can however send up to 50g of ashes.

The Post Office prohibits the full amount being sent either: nationally via Royal Mail and Parcelforce and internationally through Parcelforce Worldwide UK, which includes mail services: First Class, Second Class and Special Delivery

The consequence is that Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to items, not that you will fined for sending them.

This is what they say:

  • UK & International  – Allowed in the mail, see  restrictions and packaging guidelines below:
    • Volume per item must not exceed 50g.
    • Ashes must be placed in a sift-proof container and securely closed. Items must be tightly packed in strong outer packaging and must be secured or cushioned to prevent any damage.
    • The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.

Here is the link to Prohibited Goods on the Post Office Website – What can I send?

We can arrange the transport of ashes both nationally and internationally – transporting cremation ashes

53 thoughts on “Can you send cremation ashes in the post?

  1. Reply
    Debra Parnaby - 9th April 2024

    My cousin in Australia is trying to send my uncle’s ashes for us to scatter.
    She can’t find any help with this in Australia
    Please do you have any advice of how this can be done

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 10th April 2024

      Hi Debra

      Here is the link you need – transport ashes

      Hope everything goes okay
      Kind regards

  2. Reply - 19th March 2024

    Hello I am Tania, living in the UK, and I want to bring my cousin brother’s ashes (20g) from India to scatter here in the UK. But my aunt wants to send it by post as she cant come by herself and neither can I go now to bring it along with me. I have been doing a lot of research on it I am on skilled worker visa not on a settled status. How will this work kindly suggest me.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 21st March 2024

      Hi Tania
      The British Post Office will accept 20g of ashes, so yes you could send it, although I don’t know what the stance is of the Indian Post Office. There is nothing illegal about you having the ashes in the UK.
      I hope it goes well.
      Kind regards

  3. Reply
    Rhonda - 17th April 2023

    Hi, I live in the states and really need someone’s assistance. Someone in Scotland needs to ship some ashes to me. I know about the 50g rule with Royal Mail if that is still same as it was. But she is saying to me that it looks to her as though she would need to complete some sort of form. Is there a link I can send to her that spells out very clearly and specifically what she needs to do in order to send me 50g of ashes. Is it as simple as her making a trip to the post office and declaring what is in the parcel? Cheers

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 17th April 2023

      Hi Rhonda

      This is the Link
      This is what they say, hope it helps

      Human or animal ashes
      UK & International – Allowed in the mail, see restrictions and packaging guidelines below:

      Volume per item must not exceed 50g.
      Ashes must be placed in a sift-proof container and securely closed. Items must be tightly packed in strong outer packaging and must be secured or cushioned to prevent any damage.
      The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.

    2. Reply
      Hayley Irving - 1st May 2023

      Can anyone tell me how I can ship my pets ashes from the UK to the US?

      It would seem that Royal Mail and Parcelforce don’t allow you to ship ‘animal remains’ internationally.

      USPS seems to be the only courier in the US that will transport ashes but I don’t know ow how I can ship with USPS from the UK.

      Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 4th May 2023

        Hi Hayley

        We really only deal with Human ashes.

        I have heard of people reclassifying them. One lady called them grey sand, I don’t wish to comment whether I think this approach is good or bad.

        Kind regards

  4. Reply
    Geraldine Harvey - 31st March 2023

    Can I send 50 grams of cremated remains by canada post to the UK

    1. Reply
      Cheryl Fletcher - 5th April 2023

      Yes you can

  5. Reply
    Michelle - 21st December 2022

    Hi, I want to send my dads ashes to my sister in Australia from the UK. The ashes will be in 3 small lockets with less than 50g of ashes in each locket. Can I do this through Royal Mail?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 4th January 2023

      Oh gosh, tricky. I would argue that they are now jewellery and not ashes per se and thus it would be fine. Be minded though should anything happen you would not be able to claim for the ’emotional’ aspect of the lose.
      I hope this helps
      Kind regards

  6. Reply
    Jo Jones - 11th November 2022

    Can cremated ashes be sent to Adelaide, South Australia from the UK and if so, which shipping companies would do this?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 16th November 2022
      1. Reply
        Nina Vermeulen - 14th November 2023

        Hi what paperwork would I need to be able to courier 50g from South Africa to the UK Pls?

        1. Reply
          Richard Martin - 8th December 2023

          If it is above 10g, then I would suspect the same as for a full set – But I can’t be sure – Sorry

  7. Reply
    Erin - 4th June 2022

    Can I fill cremation jewelry with ashes and ship from US to UK? Is there anything special that has to be done?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 6th June 2022

      Hi Erin
      Small amounts of ashes can be sent for items such as jewellery.
      Kind regards

  8. Reply
    Peter Maxwell - 26th February 2022

    Thanks for this and it is really helpful. I really opted to have an urn necklace so I don’t have to go through with this dilemma. I think whoever thought of jewelry that holds cremated ashes did a really great job. It has really helped people who are grieving the loss of loved ones. I myself have a piece that has my father’s ashes with me and it has really help me deal and cope with the loss.

    1. Reply
      Gay Thomas - 10th February 2023

      Can I send cremation ashes from the US to the uk

      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 21st February 2023

        Yes via a special Courier Transporting Ashes – Courier Service

  9. Reply
    Robyn Sass - 30th July 2021

    What about dog ashes?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 30th July 2021

      No, sorry.
      Human or animal ashes
      UK & International – Allowed in the mail, see restrictions and packaging guidelines below:

      Volume per item must not exceed 50g.
      Ashes must be placed in a sift-proof container and securely closed. Items must be tightly packed in strong outer packaging and must be secured or cushioned to prevent any damage.
      The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.

  10. Reply
    James Macfie - 11th March 2021

    I wish to send some of my wife’s ashes to Cyprus to be spread over her father’s grave. I know the limit is 50g. Could you tell me how much this would cost me financially? Or do I have to contact the local Post Office.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 15th March 2021

      James, that is the limit for the UK, I am afraid I don’t know what it is for Cyprus. As for the cost it would be the same as any other airmail package, the Post Office is the place to check, sorry not much help here.

  11. Reply
    susan white - 1st October 2020

    My sister in South Africa would like to send me a small amount of ashes in a locket.Will this be passed through UK customs please.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 5th October 2020

      I believe so but I can not guarantee it obviously.

  12. Reply
    stella - 23rd April 2020

    I want to send my remains to the UK from Canada is this possible what forms would I have to get to do so. I guess I am ok with 50g but wondering is there a way to send all in 50g packages? I am making my will now and want to have correct information for my executors and trustees.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 24th April 2020

      Dear Stella
      You can use a couirer service that will transport the full amount, as 50g is a very small amount. Here is the lnik that may be useful – Transporting Ashes – Courier Service I hope this is useful.

  13. Reply
    Jo - 12th July 2019

    We want to send the allowed amount of ashes to Australia to my Uncle’s family – he lived and died here in the UK but his children are still in Australia. Can I do this through the Royal Mail with appropriate packaging as detailed above?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 15th July 2019

      The Royal Mail permit the sending of a small amount of ashes in the post. I have had a look at restricted and prohibited items in the australian post and I can’t find any references to ashes or cremated remains, have attached the relevant page from the Australian Postal Corporation:
      I hope this helps

  14. Reply
    Cindy Gillespie - 10th June 2019

    Hi. I need to send a small amount of ashes of my aunt to her daughter in USA. I know that it needs to be in a siftproof container, securely closed, cushioned and tightly packaged. It will be less than 50g. Do I need a specific form to do this? Thank you.

  15. Reply
    Robyn P - 11th April 2019

    On shipping from the US to UK, for the 50g weight, is that 50g for the ashes only or is it the combined weight of the container and ashes? We are looking to move back to the UK from the US and I want to ship my mother and father’s ashes (separately) to the UK.

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 12th April 2019

      Dear Robyn

      I believe the restriction is 50g of ashes per parcel, not including the weight of the packaging. However you may wish to clarify this with Royal Mail:

      You can travel with ashes in hand luggage as long as you have the correct documentation.

      Hope this helps.

  16. Reply
    michelle - 17th February 2019

    My husband is deceased and I am left with his mothers cremated ashes. I live in the US and My husband’s sister lives in England..what is the proper procedure to send these ashes and can zip mail them COD

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 18th February 2019

      Hi Michelle, you cannot send more than 50g of ashes using USPS into the UK. They will get most likely be stopped at customs and either held or returned. You can use a specialist courier such as can been seen here.

    2. Reply
      Jacqueline Willis - 13th June 2020

      Can I post 50 grams of human ashes from uk to usa I using using royal mail and if so fo I have to declare to royal mail what I am posting? Please

    3. Reply
      Sunipa Jilka - 23rd July 2020

      My grandfather passed away in India on holiday, he was cremated there however we would like the full ashes to be sent to the UK for us to scatter. Is there a service that can provide this. We have the death certificate and cremation documents.

  17. Reply
    Sarah - 24th October 2018

    Whats the go, when you want to post 50g of remains from the UK to USA?

    Will it be allowed through? Or do I need to make sure that the postal service from USA to UPS?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 29th October 2018

      Dear Sarah, you should definitely be able to post them from the Post Office without any issues and there is a chance it will get to the US. But USPS state they only accept ashes packages transported by Priority mail and that’s not something you can request without going through Parcelforce here and Parcelforce wont accept ashes.
      So in conclusion it could be problematic, I’m sorry.
      Kind regards

  18. Reply
    julie - 10th September 2018

    Hi I live in Australia and want to send my grandmothers cremated ashes back home to UK can they be posted we have death certificate and cremation certificate

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 10th September 2018

      Hi Julie
      No, the UK Post office only accept a token amount to put in the post. This is the courier service that can transport them:
      Kind regards

  19. Reply
    Darren Granger - 3rd September 2018

    Hi, Can you please confirm if the Statement below is correct?

    Received from a US site that ships memorial glass

    It looks like Royal Mail allowing the shipment of cremated remains is only applicable inside of Europe. As the US requires cremated remains to be shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express, we are still unable to ship cremated remains back to the UK. Unfortunately, we are still not able to work with clients in most of Europe

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 4th September 2018

      Hi Darren
      This statement sounds correct as far as I can tell. Royal Mail allow the shipping of up to 50g of ashes domestically and internationally however incoming customs is another matter I’m afraid.

  20. Reply
    Linda Rudnicki - 10th July 2018

    I have just contacted Royal Mail, who have told me I cannot send any cremains in the post.

    So what do I do now?

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 10th July 2018

      Please can I ask how you contacted Royal Mail? The link above to their website still states that you are allowed to send up to 50 grams of ashes through the post, therefore you should experience no problems at your local Post Office.

      1. Reply
        Lou Williams - 18th October 2023

        I just got refused at my local post office trying to send 23 grams of my Dad’s ashes tracked delivery within the UK. They refused despite being told about the up to 50g rule. Royal Mail needs to sort this out and update either their website or their employees!

        1. Reply
          Richard Martin - 20th October 2023

          Oh dear Lou. It is bad when you get jobs-worth’s, but when they are just plain wrong that is awful. Try a different Post Office and describe the contents as jewellery components (which is true).

          Kind regards

  21. Reply
    Marilyn Wilcock - 27th June 2018

    I would Luke to send ashes to Canada BC can I do this? How much would it cost for 50 grams to be sent?

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 28th June 2018

      Hi there, if you are in the UK you can send up to 50 grams of ashes internationally however for prices you will need to speak with your local Post Office and also to check that Canada allow the import of ashes.

  22. Reply
    Sonia Mitchell - 24th June 2018

    I want to send cremated cashes to a Queensland address how much would this cost and can my local post master help me?

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 25th June 2018

      Dear Sonia
      If you are based in the USA USPS can arrange the transport of ashes internationally however, you would need to speak with your local Post Master to check that Cremated remains are not otherwise prohibited by Australian customs.

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