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Police interfered with Teddy urn

Discreet urns are popular, you can keep ashes out of sight in a place that provides you comfort and nobody else needs to know.


On the market there is a urn that is a teddy bear the ashes are kept within the bear which are popular for infant moralities.

One poor lady had her the ashes of her son disturbed by the police. This sounds like a very traumatic event

The police enter the house looking for a stolen laptop. Which the young mother was not suspected of taking, the police alleged tore open the bear scattering her son’s ashes on the floor leaving heart heartbroken.

The couple are now suing the police over the event, claiming they have violated their human rights

Ms Wight said:

‘I was just in hysterics, I got onto my hands and knees and tried to salvage the ashes and brush them onto pieces of paper, but it was impossible,’

‘I’d even mentioned it to them before they started searching, but the Velcro on the teddy bear’s back had been opened and the bag had been cut open.

‘I have no idea how they expected to find a laptop inside a small plastic bag which was inside a teddy bear, it is absolutely disgusting.

‘To have this happen feels like I have lost Nathan all over again.’

Chelsea said she called Staffordshire Police later in the day to make a complaint, and was later called back by a sergeant who allegedly said they were unwilling to log it as a formal complaint.

‘He said he wouldn’t take it on as a matter to investigate as “accidents happen” and said he wanted to apologise for the “inconvenience” caused,’ she said.

‘It was not an “inconvenience”, it was my 10-month-old baby boy who officers showed no care or compassion for, and I won’t let them brush this off as they have tried to do.’

A spokesperson from Staffordshire Police said: ‘We are treating this matter as a formal complaint and we have made a self-referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)

How very sad, and hearing one side of the story you have to feel very sorry for her . It does seems an unreasonable use of power and an insensitive response, however it would be unwise to condemn with hearing two side of the story.

The bit I don’t understand is why an officer looking for a laptop would rip a teddy bear open? Something doesn’t sound quite right, you can’t fit a laptop in a teddy, even if the teddy was much bigger there would be tell-tale signs eg squeezing the bear might give obvious clues of a hard and heavy rectangular object in there?

Original story: http://meo.co.uk/2017/07/03/mum-had-to-scoop-up-dead-sons-ashes-after-police-ripped-open-teddy-bear-6752248/#ixzz4qlG9bp00

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