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Connemara ashes otoole

Peter O’Toole ashes to scattered in Connemara

Connemara ashes otoole

The great Peter O’Toole movie star and hell raiser passed away last month.

Mr O’Toole, whose greatest role is arguably the one in which he played T E Lawrence in Lawrence of Arbia, is to have his his ashes returned to his place of birth – Connemara on the west coast on Ireland.

Whilst raised in Leeds, England since he was a baby, Ireland was always his spiritual home and his daughter Kate told the Irish Herald that his ashes will be scattered near his hilltop retreat, which he purchased back in the 1970s overlooking the Eyrephort peninsula.

Kate said: “We’re bringing him home. It’s what he would have wanted.”

Not much to add apart form I thought he was just brilliant!


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