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The perils of not using the right urn: Galveston, Texas

All too often I see in the reports of people trying to return urns to families. People will commit the ashes of a loved one to the deep without the full grasp of science – wood, air weight densities and the like. In fact, the situation got so bad in California they even have a law that specifies that people must use water urns – i.e. urns that are dissolved to degrade in water.

Here we have a case in Galveston Texas where a man has had three urns wash us on his property [ sorry I am going to have to have an interlude, I was aware on the song by the wonderful Glen Campbell turns out when I listened to the lyrics it talks about the sea – how knew?! Well apart from a million or so Glen Campbell fans. I my head I picture the Lone Star state as all JR, John Wayne and big cactuses – I hate my own ignorance, anyway back to the story].

Joe Morgan a resident of Tiki Island, Galveston Texas, had three wooden urns wash up on his property

”I’ve seen a lot of stuff float up here in the 40 plus years I’ve lived here, but not this,” said Mr Morgan. He told Fox ”This says ‘Rest in peace Iveria Caldwell’ and then ‘Rest in peace Helena Victoria Hernandez’ and this one says ‘Rest in peace Felicia Davis’.  I really hope I can find their family,”.

For those budding oceanographer, out there an interesting fact is that the boxes washed up, one at a time, within a 24-hour period.

He went onto say” It looks like three people died at the same time and they had some sort of ceremony and I guess they didn’t realize that wood floats.”

” It just seems sacred, sort of.  I said a little prayer over them when they floated up because there’s souls attached to that, I suppose.”

“I called the police after I found them.” He told the reporter that: offices arrived, opened the boxes finding ashes topped with roses. He’s told to simply throw the boxes away but he can’t do it. So, he called us to help so these women will get the burial loved ones thought they already gave them.

” I was hoping some of their family members might come take claim to them”.

How very caring of him and mean of the authorities, although my mental mental image of Texas lawman with mirrored aviator shades, does not lend itself to the warm and cuddly. If you ask me… I would make a small hole in the urn to allow water to get in, take them to a nice spot, say a few words and lay them to rest in the ocean. But that might be just me.

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