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New Survey – Return of Ashes from the Crematorium

Crematorium hand over 400k crematoriums in the UK every year, the average price of a price of a cremation is £850

It don’t need a Nobel prize winning mathaniciacan to work out this is a sizable industry. It is a caring industry too, over the past few years we have been polling the public to see what you thought of the service you received. The good news is overwhelmingly you thought is was a good service giving the industry 4.5 out of 5.

The public seemed to think that virtually all aspects of the service provide were good: the grounds, the staff, the cleanliness all receive high praise.

Of the few aspects that didn’t go down so well was what the ashes were return to the family in.

Most people who get ashes back from the crematoria will receive them in the urn or container provided by the crematorium. Most people didn’t know what this was, or that they had an option.

A few quotes:

“For that amount of cash I kind of expected something less grim”

“The ashes were return in a box!”

“I was never told that I had a choice in what the ashes were returned in”

“A sweetie jar thing, really!”

So we thought we would poll the public on this specifically to see what you thought.

There are only 5 question and in will take approximately 1 minute to complete please follow the link….

Return of Ashes Survey


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