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Memorial tree – a great remembrance gift

Memorial trees are just great. They provide a focus point for remembrance, they represent life and the renewal of life. A company that Charles at the Good Funeral Guide spotted are doing mail order trees.

I have to say (and I am not on commission – honest) the deal seems reasonable. Cards and flowers are good for some people, but for other this could just the thing. We do have a page on memorial trees which offers advice, so have a look. One other word of advice – you should consider if those receiving the tree have the time, inclination and space to do this. I say this because one was dispatched to someone I know (a non gardener I have to say) who initially thought it was a lovely idea, they then procrastinated, tree got left and eventually died, my friend now has an extra tier of guilt to deal with, so think first….

Here is the site

Here is our page: Planting a memorial tree

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