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up-cycled jewellery

Up-cycled Jewellery – Meet Your Maker Series

Up-cycled Jewellery

Up-cycled Jewellery. We are really lucky to live in a place where there are so many talented makers. From jewellers to carpenters, to wood-turners to glass makers…and they’re all really lovely people too.  People who really care about what they do and how they do it. Lots of people say they care, but I’ve seen these in action and they really do! Which is exactly why they make such wonderful works of art!

Customers often say that they ‘would have loved to do something special with the ashes’ but either they no longer or never had the ashes. So I spoke to our wonderful jeweller Pete and not only can he work with our glassmaker to make memorial jewellery with ashes, he can also turn your grandma’s broach, dad’s ring, aunt’s necklace into something more contemporary that suits you. Something you can wear everyday rather than just take out now and again to look at. He has made lots of wedding rings that incorporate another ring, such as an old wedding ring, such a lovely way to remember.

So I took him a collection of my silver ‘heirloom’ pieces and asked him to make me a bangle that I could wear more often.  And he has made me a stunning Silver Bangle that I love!

He took some photos of the process so that you can see what he does.

jewellery handmade in britain
Step 2 Heating the heirloom jewellery
jewellery handmade in Britain
Step 2 Getting hotter
jewellery handmade in britain
Step 3 Jewellery fuses
jewellery handmade in britain
Step 4 New silver cools ready to be worked
jewellery handmade in britain
Step 4 Silver flattened
jewellery handmade in britain
Step 6 – Flattened Silver soldered and worked into bangle

If you would like to know about getting your heirloom jewellery out of the drawer on to you please just fill in the form and we’ll put you in touch with Pete.

For more information about ashes into jewellery click here.

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