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best place to hold a ceremony

Is the crematorium the right place to hold a funeral?

Over recent year there has been an increasing trend to hold the entire funeral at the crematorium. Recent figures suggest that this is around 80% of families do this. This is possibly due to several factors. Increased secularisation, the church was always the main place for a funeral and then often it would be close family off to the crematorium for the committal as less people interact with the church it might be seen as an inappropriate venue; and, convenience – having the service all in one place makes more sense, less travelling, less cost, less confusion.

The net impact is that families may have more mourners at the crematorium and as the whole ceremony is being conducted there more time is needed.

However, the ceremony time slots at the crematoria have not increased.  This squeezes everything, the time to get everyone in and out again with bigger groups increases, making the time for the words more compressed.

From our research we can see that most people are content with the time they got at the funeral. However, when families felt rushed this really did upset and annoy them. Like any parting that must happen, whilst inevitable, it does not need to be rushed. A funeral should not feel rushed. When it is it can have a real and lasting impact on those grieving.

To avoid this, consider the following

Consider the number of mourners that are likely to attend. Ask you funeral director about the time slots at the local crematorium. Do they have double or half slots where the service could be extended? If so at what cost? Is there another crematorium in the area that could better suit the families needs – flexible and longer time slots, the right size chapel.

Alternately, don’t have the funeral at the crematorium – there is no rule to say you must. There is an increasing trend to have funerals at a more conducive location such as a hotel, this way you get to have the service you want:  enough time to gather people and say farewell. You can then have the committal performed there and the deceased goes off to the crematorium from there. Then the wake/ reception can be held at the same place. This could not only be more advantageous but with a direct cremation at the end could work out more affordable – win win (just a thought).

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