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How much do ashes weigh

How do I work out how much ashes I have?

Calculating the litres of Ashes from the weight

Cremation ashes urns come in all shapes and sizes, but will the one you want contain all the ashes you have?

This is what you do… If you know the weight of the ashes you can estimate the volume – because 1 Litre of ashes weighs just under 1Kilo.

So if the weight of the ashes is 2.5kilos then you would need an urn with the capacity of at least 2.5Litres – fairly simple maths.

There you have the answer… ‘Oh, but the ashes are in the urn/container we got back from the funeral director’, I here you say .

Okay well that makes it slightly more tricky, but not impossible.

So if you don’t want to remove the ashes from the container and weigh them separately, then you have to deduct the weight of the urn. Ashes tend come back from the crematoria or funeral director usually in a limited range range of containers:

  • Plastic bag inside a cardboard box
  • Polytainer or plastic urn
  • Simple wooden urn

The weights are variable, but this should give you an idea –

Weight of a cardboard box urn 150g -200g (av 175g)

Weight of a plastic urn 250g – 300g (av 275g)

Weight of a wooden urn 2.3kg -2.7kg (av 2.5kg)

For example:

You have the ashes returned in a large plastic urn, you place the urn on the scales and it weighs 3.4Kg. Deduct the plastic urn at 275g and you are left with the weigh of the ashes being 3.125Kg. Therefore  you should look for an urn with a capacity of at least 3.2 Ltrs.

Please note this is a guide and there may be reasons why this is not the case with ashes you have.

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