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Hindu ashes water ceremony priest to conduct the ceremony

Hindu Priest – Ashes Water Ceremony – Greater London

Hindu Priest for Ashes Water Ceremony

Om Namah Shivay – Om Namah Shivay – Om Namah Shivay


Are you a Hindu (Sanatan) family looking for a priest to carry out the Asti Visarjan ritual of scattering the ashes in flowing water?

We have teamed up with a Hindu Priest Pundit – Rajubhai Pandya who is able to conduct this service in the Greater London area.

Priest Rajubhai Pandya has over 25 years of experience based on Vedic scriptures. He will chant the Mantras and Slokas in Sanskrit and give proper explanation in English. He belongs to the temple in Croydon, Vishwa Sanatan Dharma Mandir (VSDM), 132 – 134 Whitehorse Road, Croydon, Surrey.

He will accompany you and your family on this final journey on our boat journeys on the river Thames (Windsor, Kingston upon Thames and Central London) and will perform the Vedic puja ceremony of the Asti Visarjan (Scattering Ashes in Flowing Water). He will also work with you to advise on auspicious timings for the ceremony.

The ceremony of Asti Visarjan (Scattering of Ashes in Flowing Water)

In Sanatan Dharma (Hindu Religion) we should say “Om Shanti” or “Atma Ko Sadgati Prapt Ho (May Soul attain Moksha)”. Sadgati means salvation or liberation. We always pray that may the soul get liberated from the cycle of life and death. We always say that May the soul attain the good gati such as Manushya or Deva so he can walk on the path or Moksha.

Prayers said and Mantras are chanted followed by Hymns, which are sung by the priest before the family begins the scattering of the ashes. This is the Last Rites of the 16 rites that a Sanatan (Hindu) person carries out to make his/her life noble and prosperous.

Items you will bring: Ashes of the Deceased, Photo of the Deceased and Flower Petals

Items he shall bring: Brass ‘Om’ Stand, Photo of Lord Shiva, Vermillion, Abil, Gulal, Photo of the Deceased, Kalash, Spoons, Rice, Clay Saucer, Panchamrut (mixture of Milk, Yogurt, Honey, Ghee and Sugar), Cotton Wick, Chandan (Sandal Wood Powder), Brass holder for Cotton Wick, Box of Matches, Ghee, Bottle of Water, Agarbati, White Cloth and Holy Water from Ganges River.

He is also able to perform the full funeral at home and in the Crematorium should you need it.

Cost of the ceremony £151 for Kingston. £175 for Windsor and Central London. POA for further afield.

To make contact please call or email:
Hindu Priest – Raju Pandya
Mobile – 07956 252294
Email –

Om Namah Shivay – Om Namah Shivay – Om Namah Shivay



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