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facebook helps ashes return

Facebook to the rescue again!

facebook helps ashes return

Two positive stories about Facebook in one week! Fingers crossed I will be on the payroll soon.

This is the story of a man who had his mother ashes returned to him after a Facebook appeal. A thief stole his van in Bridport, Dorset then returned the ashes (not the van) presumably after having his conscience pricked. Mr Hart had the urn containing his mothers ashes on the passenger seat ready to make the long journey from Bridport to the Scottish Highlands to scatter her ashes. When he woke on the day he was set to go the van and the urn had vanished. The van was found burnt out, but no sign of the ashes, so Mr Hart put out an appeal on Facebook.

The thief ‘kindly’ returned them to the spot where he had taken the van. Mr Hart said: “I was devastated when I realised the thieves had taken mum’s ashes and I thought they would have been thrown over a hedge or something.”

“I looked for them but had no luck so my partner put it on Facebook and we launched an appeal for the thieves to come forward and for people to keep an eye out. Then two weeks on my neighbour came and told me they had been found in my parking space.”

“Most thieves would cut the truck up into parts and sell it and then just throw any personal items away so I am surprised they returned them. It must have been the person who stole my truck otherwise they would have come forward and told the police they had found them, or knocked my door or something.”

“I’m not grateful to the thieves. People who creep around in rural areas stealing are not good people. I haven’t got anything but contempt. If they hadn’t stolen the van, none of this would have happened.”

They are now safely inside the house waiting for the trip up to Bonnie Scotland. It’s funny, Mr Hart’s reaction is right, it is like thanking someone when they stop hitting you. But sometimes we do, perhaps the reaction is to automatically to thank someone who has brought you comfort, but as it is they that were causing the discomfort in the first place, then that does not seem quite right. True they could have been heartless and simply thrown the ashes away, so they are not with some decent qualities, but to thank them – well clearly Mr Hart thinks that is too far!

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