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assisted dying

Dignitas loses case on scattering ashes in Lake Zurich

Several years back the clinic that helps people with assisted suicide got into trouble for disposing of people’s ashes in Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

This then started a lot of commotion and five years on the state moved to prevent this practise. Dignitas fought this saying that it was an unfair restriction of trade.

However, the highest court in Switzerland has upheld the opinion of the lower courts saying the ban does not violate constitutional law and it also is justified for police and security reasons.

A former Dignitas employee told Swiss news media that the practise was once common place and they believed as many as 300 urns could have been deposited in the lake, but the police could not prove it, so dropped criminal charges.

The law in that part of Switzerland is that you can only scatter ashes in the canton (like a district) of Zurich if no money changes hand. Which precluded Dignitas.

I am not sure whether it is just me but does this not really degrade Dignitas? Assisted suicide is not cheap and therefore the provision for the disposal of ashes should be something that needs to be included, either that or the executor should be responsible for their removal? Otherwise it makes them look uncaring and it might be that the client didn’t care, but assisted suicide is a morally controversial issue and this doesn’t help Dignitas image to do this.

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