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Crematoria: good or bad – we want your opinion please

When we die, most people in the UK are cremated as opposed to buried. In fact over three-quarters of us. Elsewhere places such as the US, Canada and Australia the percentage is over 50 and rising.

Cost is given as a reason for the increased numbers. However, cremation whilst still less expensive is far from cheap. Average cost as part of a funeral is upwards of £700 with parts of the southeast being around £900 and increasing year on year. Added to this there is a trend towards missing the church part out and having the service just at the crematoria, secularisation is given as a reason we are ‘skipping’ the church part. Making crematoria themselves a very important part of the funeral. So whilst costs go up, does that mean the value and the level of service increases too, are crematoria up to the demands we place upon them?

We want to know what you think? What ever information we find out we will share (anonymously of course) to help improve the way things are done.

Please spare some time to click on the link and complete our anonymous survey, there are only nine questions so it won’t take very long (they are mainly multiple choice)

Follow the link – Crematoria Survey

Many thanks

Richard Martin


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