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Floating water urn

Cremation Urn wins prestigious design award

When people (well I suppose me) think of design awards you may think of an office chair back pain or corkscrew that that works through telekinesis. You may not think of a Cremation Urn. Well the Memento urn, a biodegradable urn used for water burial, has won the prestigious Red Dot Design award.

The Memento beat competition from over 4400 entrants from 60 countries. It has a beautiful simplistic form, handcrafted from antique moulds from non-toxic, food-grade, recycled paper, the Memento allows families to participate in the ceremony by placing handwritten notes and message through the top of the urn prior to placing it in sea.

What the Red Dot judges liked about the urn:

  • It has an elegant and natural shape set to address a target audience without specifically relating to any particular cultural or religion
  • It is designed to float briefly then sink to the bottom and as it is made pressed recycled paper is will biodegrade naturally over time
  • Personal messages can written to the deceased can be written on handmade memento cards provide with the urn then posted into the urn
  • The smooth surface can be written upon or painted.

The Red Dot award introduced in 1955, has become the world’s largest and most distinguished design competition. Red Dot signifies ‘belonging to the best in design and business’.

To buy the urn – Memento Cremation Urn

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