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cremation ashes diamond

They are fighting it out over cremation ashes memorial diamonds


There is no love lost in the Memorial Diamond world with claim and counter claim who is real? Are the Russian ones fake? Who is a ripping you off? So as a consumer you get to feel a bit unsure – what is real and what is not, who are the good guys and who can you trust with your ashes.

Well I prefer to say what we think is a good idea rather than trying to discredit others. We recommend Algordanza, why? Well a number of reasons:

  • We know the chap that runs the business, he is honest fair and direct.
  • We know they are the real McCoy (which is definitely not say the others aren’t)
  • Whilst not cheap they are good value, starting at around three and half thousand for a half karat canary
  • They are made in the UK and we like things to be ‘locally’ sourced whether possible

Algordanza Ltd

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