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Money raised for charities from metal reclaimed from a crematoria to top £2m

Now this is good news. The money raised for charities from the recycled metals the arise from cremation is set to reach £2m.

When a body is cremated the non-combustible parts are left behind: the bones (the ashes) and any metal which arises. This metal was historically just the ironwork used to make the coffin such as nails, but now a large percentage comes from implants such as false hips, what is more these implants are made from expensive alloys including titanium and cobalt.

Again, historically all such remnants would have been buried within the grounds of the crematoria. However since a scheme – that originated in Holland – has been set up, this metal has been reclaimed.

The scheme met with ghoulish headlines at the start from certain parts of the media, however there was a complete turnaround in their stance once they realised that it had the support of the British public (we donate our organs for crying out loud).

Charities with a connection to the bereavement can apply to the Institute of Cemetery and Cremation Management and ask for a share of the revenue.

However not all crematoria do this, there is still a significant number that continue with the now somewhat archaic practice of burial, which to my mind, wastes precious resources and deprives charities of much needed income in a difficult climate.

So if you are a hospice or just an interested member of the public why not contact the Institute and find out whether your local crematoria participate and if they don’t, consider asking them why not…. this has to be a win win – or am I missing something?!

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