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carrying ashes on a lufthansa

Carrying ashes on a Lufthansa flight

Carrying ashes on a Lufthansa flight

Travelling with ashes can be tricky it is best to get thing right from the start, so that you experience the minimum disruption.  So if you intending to take cremation ashes on a Lufthansa flight, this is what they say:

In regards to your enquiry, passengers are allowed to carry the cremated remains in their carry-on luggage or their checked luggage. However, they will need to present a certificate of death or a certificate to state that those are not dangerous goods. As you may be aware, dangerous goods are not allowed in passengers’ baggage, in the cabin or the cockpit. Such items are removed for security reasons. This is in accordance with European safety regulations.

Thank you Lufthansa for letting us know.

2 thoughts on “Carrying ashes on a Lufthansa flight

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    Christine Valdes - 10th May 2023

    I am planning on brining my fathers cremated remains to Hungary in September of this year. I have confirmed with the Hungarian embassy that they have no restrictions to transport ashes. I do have my fathers death certification and certificate of cremation. The ashes are in a marble urn that I purchase for my father and provided to the cremation service for them to put my father’s ashes into. I plan on transporting the Urn with me as a carry on. Do you recommend that I bring the Urn in advance to the airport prior to traveling to ensure it will meets airline specifications and will pass security specifications? I will have connecting flights and will want to make sure I do not run into any challenges with connecting flights. Can you please advise. Thank you in advance.

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      Richard Martin - 11th May 2023

      Dear Christine
      The marble urn may present problems in terms of access(if needs be) and weight – this is our general guidance page – Travelling with ashes

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