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Burnley FC says no to Radio 5 presenter


Burnley FC has number of famous supports perhaps the the most famous is Prince Charles (I was a little surprised to read this too) anyway among the faithful is Radio 5 Presenter Tony Livesey.

In a discussion about the Brazilian club Corinthians offering burial plots for their fans Mr Livsey, proclaimed that he was going to have his ashes scattered at the Turf Moor stadium.

Burnley were not to chuffed by the prospect,  a spokesman said: “Tony is one of our biggest and keenest fans and we love him here and hopefully he will have a very long and happy life.

“But we, like most clubs, have strict rules on allowing ashes on the pitch as they are human remains and players are sliding and touching the grass all the time.

“We would suggest Tony’s friends don’t try to test our security as they won’t get too far!”

Why we ask? ‘Health and Safety they cried’, well what is it exactly are they are concerned about? Well the Mirror reckons –

Some clubs claim it is a health and safety rule, due to the fear of open wounds from players’ injuries making contact with the dead remains.

Others fear chemical reactions from the strong fertilisers they feed their grass to keep them lush and green.

However Tony has a cunning plan that will thwart the beady eyed security (not just the fact that Mr Livesy is in rude health and is unlikely to pass for some time and so they may forget), no, he is intending to get his friends to scatter him in the manner of the classic Second Word War film – The Great Escape – where the POWs hid soil from the tunnel they were digging in specially made holders that they used to scatter discretely as they walked along.

Well it is a cunning plan, but hopefully one we wont need to wonder whether it worked for many years to come.

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