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Buddha Beads: Cremation ashes into glass beads


Well it is not exactly cremation jewellery, but it is another unique way of keeping a loved one ashes. I have previous posted about the rise in cremation in South Korea in south east Asia. The ancestor in holds a very special place within parts of Asia culture, particularly in the east. It would appear many have found the keeping of ashes in a cremation urn lacking in respect.

So people are now having their loved ones ashes incorporated within to small glass beads like those used in Buddhist rituals. One company called Bonhyang has 500 customers who wish to turn their loved ones’ ashes into Buddhist-style beads. Apparently one man Kim II-nam had his father grave exhumed and his bones cremated and turned into these gem-like beads, which does seem somewhat extreme – that is a very powerful urge! And the cost of this – about £542.

I quite like the idea (of the beads that is) no idea whether it will catch on here, but there is a significant minority who follow eastern style culture, Buddhism in particular. So watch this space.

5 thoughts on “Buddha Beads: Cremation ashes into glass beads

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    Richard - 25th November 2011

    More info! They uses ultrahigh temperature to melt cremated ashes until they are crystalised and can be turned into beads in a 90-minute process.

    His beads are made purely from human remains with no added minerals. so for those of you who request that all the ashes are used – this could be a good option…

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    Richard - 16th November 2011
    a company called – Bonhyang. The website is in korean. I will speak to ashes into glass makers here…

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    Devin - 16th November 2011

    I’m actually REALLY interested in finding a company that does this. I’ve searched for a while now after seeing this article on many other websites and my searches have turned up nothing. If you or anyone has any information on how to get in contact with a company that does this I would be eternally grateful!

    1. Reply
      Richard - 16th November 2011

      We will see waht wee can do – watch this space!

  4. Reply
    Charles Cowling - 15th November 2011

    I like this. I can see it catching on. Brits may go for many colours. I really think you’re on to something here!

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