Bespoke Contour Box – Gilded Oak – Tom Aylwin

Bespoke Contour Box Urn - A special place carved into a box (Gilded)

  • Your personally chosen landscape carved into an ashes box
  • Option to mark an exact special location
  • Gilded in silver or gold
  • A beautiful unique urn / commemorative piece

Size options

-Large (suitable for the ashes of one adult) -  £1,295

-Small (suitable for half an adults ashes) - £1,095


Tom Aylwin specialises in carving landscapes into wooden urn boxes. Each Contour Box is made of ebonised English oak with your chosen landscape gilded in silver or gold, creating a beautiful personalised space for holding a loved one’s ashes. The landscape you choose can be anywhere; a place with fond memories, a special holiday or simply where someone lived or enjoyed walking. The name of your specially chosen place is all we need and we will do the rest.

Further Personalisation (optional)

Your Contour Box can also be personalised with:

  • a personal message engraved on the underside of the lid
  • a black marker embedded within your gilded landscape to mark somewhere specific. Eg a landmark or the exact location of somewhere special.


A Contour Box can also be a beautiful place for storing special keepsakes and photos (a small box will hold photos up to 4” x 6” & up to 8” x 6” in our large box) and to have as a commemoration within the home after the scattering of ashes.

All our boxes are fitted with a secure lock and include a drawstring ashes bag. They are made of solid smoked English oak, lined with British wool fabric and embedded with the artist's signature.


  • Large Contour Box: 3.2 Litres - suitable for the ashes of one adult
  • Small Contour Box:1.2 Litres - suitable for half an adults ashes


  • Large Box: Internal (cm): 29.3 L x 16.8 W x 9 H; external: 32.5 L x 20 W x 12 H (Height varies as per landscape)
  • Small Box: Internal (cm): 19.6 L x 10.6 W x 8.5 H; external: 22.8 L x 13.8 W x 12 H (Height varies as per landscape)


Each box is carefully made to order so please allow 5 - 6 weeks for delivery. Shorter lead times can sometimes be accommodated, please contact us directly to discuss. Postage is free within the UK.

To make an enquiry please fill in the form below. Your form will be sent directly to the Contour Box maker who will contact you to discuss the details about your chosen location, followed by an email with:


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