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Ashes stored in an Ashes Bank in Uttar Pradesh’s India

There is now a solution for a problem that a number of Hindus face.  According to some certain traditions ashes of a cremated relative can’t be taking home for 14 days. So what do the families do with the ashes in between cremation and when they can take them home?

So Yug Dadhichi Deh Dan Sanstha came up with idea of a bank where people can keep their loved one’s ashes for up to 30 days.

Owner the: Manoj Sengar also urges the people not to immerse the holy ash into rivers rather bury it in the ground. Why he does suggest this? Frankly I have no idea, I guess all ancient traditions

Since the ashes bank’s start in 2014, thousands of people have left ashes there and now Mr Senger hopes to open branches across the state.

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