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Ashes kept in the house: is a ghost more likely to be present?

Ashes kept in the house is a ghost more likely to be present?

Ashes kept in the house is a ghost more likely to be present? If you keep ashes inside your house is this is more likely to retain the ghost of that individual or attract other ghosts in the vicinity?

So, we have two conflicting opinions to this question:

  1. Those who think a ghost is less likely to be present:

There are several dimensions spirits can go to but, not all can find their way home, no one dies at the cemetery, they generally stay attached to people, places or things they never wanted to leave. So communicating with the dead has nothing to do with where their bodies or ashes are, ashes in the home just make you feel closer to them.


And many respondents had a similar view

2. Those who think a ghost is more likely to be present

It’s like their bones in a grave yard, they are still attached to it in a sense because it’s something personal of theirs. 

Spirits transcend to many dimensions yes, but they can travel back within a flash. Whatever dimension they transcend to, they cannot advance to a higher one until they earn it….every dimension is another transitional stage that they have to go through depending on their belief….some spirits transcend straight to heaven while others are trapped between the third and forth, and others above that. I know my grandmother went straight to heaven, and my Cousin went just above the forth dimension. How do I know this, because they communicated this to other family members, and my grandmother did die twice, she said she was walking in heaven with Jesus the first time, so I know she went to heaven the second time, and my dead Cousin started speaking out to his wife at the grave stone, he said that he was on another plain, and that our grandmother came to visit him from a higher dimension, and that she looked younger and thinner, that he didn’t recognize her at first. Erica that use to come and visit me at times daily was from a very high dimension, why I had a hard time seeing her features, the higher up the faster the vibration.

Also in the YES camp…this was taken from the Ghosts and Spirits Blog Spot, Rob Gutro, who is a published author on the subject – Pets and the Afterlife.

Ghosts are earth-bound and usually stuck to the places they choose to dwell. Spirits (human or pets) who cross over into the light, however, can come back to earth and visit their loved ones any time they have something to say. Having their ashes in the house gives the spirits something to be drawn to. He rationalises this by explaining that ghosts are raw energy and the ashes retain some of that energy which then attracts the ghosts.


So in conclusion taking a balance of opinions it looks like a ghost is more likely to present if ashes are in the house. However, I think that your own opinion has a weight here.

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33 thoughts on “Ashes kept in the house is a ghost more likely to be present?

  1. Reply
    suzanna valentine - 16th July 2020

    I wish that were true. I have my daughters ashes in my living room along with all her personal things like mobile phone etc all with her in the corner. I haven’t had a sign or sense of her since she died xmas 2015 at 33 years. I was always such a believer but now that belief that there is an afterlife is fading i have to admit. I know she’d contact me if she could. The only odd thing in the last couple of weeks is i have found my cat sat in her corner around 1 foot in front of her urn just staring at it. This has happened a couple of times and i have no idea why the cat does it. I’m an atheist who always believed in an afterlife. To me it is more to do with different dimensions and nothing to do with any god and so often find myself adrift as most people who believe in the afterlife also believe in a god. There’s no real place for me to fit in, in that regard. I hope you’re right. I genuinely do because i haven’t moved on at all from 2015 and am filled with guilt and anger over everything. I ask every day for a sign just to give me some hope. I’m trying to be patient. One thing not too long after she died unexpectedly i thought i heard a whisper in my bedroom one night simply saying ‘help me’. That has frightened me ever since and has caused me a lot of distress. I hope it wasn’t her and was nothing and not really those words. It’s all really difficult.

    1. Reply
      Lainie - 8th August 2020

      I think the cat was looking right at your daughter sitting there. Animals see what we cannot. I just lost my son last month. He was only 26 and I found him unresponsive. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can certainly understand that you can’t move on. Even though people keep telling me that one day I will heal I really do not agree. Don’t ever give up on signs. It may be difficult for her to show you. Maybe that’s what she meant by “help me” or perhaps the energy in your home is not adequate. I will never give up

  2. Reply
    Mo - 15th July 2020

    Yes….. I have buried my neighbours ashes in his backyard as his last wish along with his wife’s ashes and dog. It was already spooky when the first two ashes was in the house as there was a lot of electrical faults and the bell would ring as normal. Me and my neighbour always said it was his beloved wife always present and near him so we would always say hello…. we also had this electrical fart machine and it would always set off by itself at the same hour or thereabouts every other so often days. Since the death of my neighbour I recently visited the house with another lady who wanted to view the house as it was in the market for sale. I took the women upstairs and she was stone cold and looked into the hallway almost gob smacked telling me she has seen a shadow of a tall shape figure… please explain that to me anyone

    1. Reply
      Mel - 29th July 2020

      I must say and mean no disrespect by saying this. My dad passed away last Friday and he loved the Lord I have peace in knowing that he is happier, healthy, younger, and no pain or sorrow to bear anymore. What gives me comfort is knowing that I will see him again. You say your an atheist and I must say that heaven and hell are real. There is 1 of 2 places where we will all spend eternal lives after this one here on this earth and I believe with every fiber of my being that if you ask the Lord to take away your guilt and anger and forgive all sins (because we all sin) and accept him as your Lord and Savior (because he died for our sins!) then you WILL see your daughter again and spend eternity in heaven. Please don’t miss that opportunity by not accepting Jesus. Hell is a real place. Jesus is coming back soon! I pray you will find Christ and see your daughter again. Without my faith I would have no peace at all but knowing that my dad went straight to heaven within a fraction of a second after he passed gives me that peace and hope. I wish the same peace and hope for you. Blessings

      1. Reply
        KATHY DECRESCENZO - 9th August 2020

        Amen Mel,

        There is only One way to get to Heaven and that is through The One who opened the narrow gate for us, and laid down His Life to cover all of our sins! I have lost many family members and by The Grace of God know they went straight To Paradise to Our Lords side. I would like to ask Suzanne a question, if you are an atheist, who are you praying for a sign from? I believe your eyes are being slowly opened to The Truth ( Jesus ) and That my friend is the only way to be with your daughter again. Don’t miss this chance, study Him, read about Him and I Promise He will draw you close and fully open your eyes. What do you have to lose? Yours in Christ, Kathy

        1. Reply
          Shelley - 15th October 2020

          You are in a cult created from myths and legends.
          You might as well be sacrificing virgins to a Volcano.
          I’m glad it comforts you.
          But leave the rest of us alone.
          Thank you.

          1. Richard Martin - 16th October 2020

            Personally I think whilst I may not agree with Kathy’s stance. Any objection to it, when it is not hurting anyone, would be intolerant. And I think there is to much intolerance in the world these days.

    2. Reply
      Susan Hamlet - 22nd October 2020

      I’ve had my late partner’s ashes in the house since he suddenly died in 2013.
      He died suddenly in the kitchen. Of a heart attack.
      I’m to sure about spirit’s and ghosts but I do sometimes feel him around.
      And I will always miss him.

  3. Reply
    Death - 25th April 2020

    There are no ghosts. In my belief system we believe that all living are in actuality spirits not the flesh. So to differentiate spirit from the flesh is rather naive and silly system of beliefs that many false religions tend to hold on to.

    1. Reply
      Sofia - 6th June 2020

      You simply have not had any encounters. My entire immediate family and I have stories that span two decades of multiple spirits following us from home to home. Unexplained experiences of touching, running,typing, laying on the bed with us. It has been non-stop in my life. I feel that people who shut these experiences down have yet to experience any encounters. I myself do not follow any religion but it now does make me believe in some afterlife.

    2. Reply
      Neva Yardum - 22nd June 2020

      My husband’s ashes are in a marble urn. Is his spirit able to be attracted to his ashes inside such a thick container? Should I take his ashes out of the container?

  4. Reply
    Marie - 10th December 2019


    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 10th December 2019

      I appreciate that the ashes of someone’s deceased partner might be disconcerting. As to whether there is a spirit attached and this is both malevolent and causing an impact is, to my mind, doubtful. It is more likely to be circumstance and bad luck.

      1. Reply
        Lisa - 24th February 2020

        Hiya I recently lost my uncal about 2 years ago I am trying to connect with him again I’ve got his Ashe’s with me placed on my heart I’m just wondering if having his Ashe’s with me if there is more chance of getting frew to him

        1. Reply
          Richard Martin - 25th February 2020

          I am afraid I am not qualified in this area. Presumably a clairvoyant may be the right person to approach. Although I don’t know anything about this.

    2. Reply
      LilysMom - 31st July 2020

      Hi Marie, I was reading your thru words and I could feel your sadness. I think you really need to take these ashes alone in a room and have a heart to heart talk. Explain to his wife that you are not there to take away from his memories of her. Because of her you have a person who has great compassion and knows the meaning of love because he still cares for her. You only want to continue to make her husband happy the way she would have if she would have continued to live. Ask her to give to signs of how to make it work in her loving way and to give you strength to continue on as a couple. This way all the love you share is together. trust me you will feel like a burden is lifted when you give his wife a little hope she is not forgotten and you are all one. God Bless You and Watch over You All.

  5. Reply
    Taylor wilson - 20th November 2019

    my dad passed away in August of 2013 and want to know if he is here with me we were watching dancing with the stars the other night and this couple danced to Whitney Houstons I will always love you and I raised my hand and I looked up and felt my dads hand against mine so was just curious if he is still here with me

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 21st November 2019

      Dear Taylor
      Thank you for sharing. Honestly, I don’t know. We all experience loss differently. And no one can say with absolute certainty what awaits us. I do hope you found comfort in his presence.
      Best wishes

  6. Reply
    Nisa Alvarez - 27th September 2019

    So i have a question. My daughter was killed back in 2014. I never got closure as in her cause of death. Her father had her creamated and we had split the ashes. Since then ive been smelling rotten meat roam around my home. I relocated across the country and i still smell it. I still have her ashes in my room and on a charm necklace i take everywhere. Is she trying to communicate with me?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 30th September 2019

      Dear Nisa
      I am sorry to hear this. I have never heard of ashes causing a smell and I would suspect that the ashes are not the cause in this case either. One way to test is to remove the ashes for a while, place them in different safe location and see if the smell still persists.
      Kind regards

    2. Reply
      Jerry Smith - 9th October 2019

      My dad passed in 2017 and i smell burned tobacco cause my dads ashes are in my front room, but if i take his ashes out and salt my doorways and then take his ashes back in, the smell is gone. It only last about three days though

  7. Reply
    Marci - 29th June 2019

    My best friend died I have her ashes in my front room. However with her belongs I got her moms ashes to. She been up stairs for about 5 years. She was not a positive person and had some mental disorders. I have been in chronic pain go 19
    Years and 2 recent more surgeries. However I just realized how much my health has gone down in the last 5 years. Something inside me keeps telling me to get rid of my best friends moms ashes. They were never close and had a bad relationship. What do you think?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 4th July 2019

      Dear Marci
      I am afraid I am unable give direct guidance in such matters. One thought might be to reunite the ashes with a relative? If there is no relative to pass them on to, the decision is yours and if you do decide to scatter then it may well be wise to contact one of her friends to help and advise.

  8. Reply
    Vicky gartshore - 6th June 2019

    I want to know if my dogs spirit is with me he was 2 and a half years old when he died 5 weeks ago me and my partner are a mess I cry every day and all we want is to be with him again

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 6th June 2019

      Dear Vicky
      I am not qualified to answer that, however losing a pet can be extremely traumatic – this page is extremely helpful https://mypetsashes.co.uk/advice/pet-bereavement-coping-loss-pet/
      I hope this helps
      Kind regards

  9. Reply
    Roxanne - 2nd July 2018

    Will the spirit of your dogs come into the house if you have their ashes for over a year even if you have your 4 pets ashes side by side on a cabinet and their stuff with them on the cabinet?

  10. Reply
    Li Nanao - 2nd April 2018

    A few things- it’s extremely uncommon for a dog to have a heart attack. I asked my vet when my dog passed suddenly. I have ashes in my home and am a “sensitive” unfortunately. I say un fortunately because it isn’t somthing I welcome but runs in my family. I’ve never felt someone’s presence in a home just because their ashes were present and they won’t attract other spirits into your home. It’s true it is a personal artifact of that person but so is an item they loved like a pipe, doll, gun etc. That is more likely to cause that spirit to attach or attract to it. I’ve walked into empty homes and felt unpleasant energy including airforce hospitals. So don’t fear having ashes. I would not keep the ashes of someone I didn’t love dearly and who wasn’t a positive person. Negative energy is bad. Just scatter or entomb them. If you feel something that makes you un easy…burn dried sage u every room of your house. I keep my dog’s ashes on my book case in my room with some of them sewn into a stuffed animal of his likeness..including his fur..a lock of my hair and a drop of blood. I don’t advise you do this with a human….but with pet it’s fine. It can bring you comfort and help you to feel close with them. I suggest if just having a loved ones ashes in your home freaks you out even a little then don’t keep them. I hope that helps some…and stay AWAY from ouija boards and spirit, communication devices

  11. Reply
    Colleen Cade - 8th February 2018

    My dog had a heart attack and passed away. I had him 13 years. I had him cremated. I’m getting his ashes today. I thought I felt his presence but now I dont. Is he here with me? I’m hoping it’s not just wishful thinking?
    Colleen Cade

    1. Reply
      Karen Martin - 9th February 2018

      I’m so sorry to hear about your dog Colleen. We have a free Pet Bereavement Guide on our sister site My Pets Ashes that you might find useful, all you need to do is to fill in your address on this form and we’ll pop one in the post. Take care, Karen https://www.mypetsashes.co.uk/pet-bereavement/pet-bereavement-guide/

  12. Reply
    Gregory Russell - 29th December 2017

    I have cremated remains of both my uncle, and my grandmother, in my home. I also have necklace charms with my grandmothers cremains. It was both of their wishes, in life, to be cremated, and to be in my care. I also have cremation remains (considered to be a Buddhist artifact; I am a Buddhist) of a Buddhist Holy man, in my home (to sit with other Buddhist holy objects). All are kept in complete respect, and given my care for them. There is nothing to fear by keeping human cremains. It is true, these cremains are a beacon for their spirits, but not meant to distract or imprison their souls. These family cremains may be scattered at sea in the future, if it is the wish of my mother (she keeps the other half of both family members). Eventually, these cremains would have no meaning to future generations, so scattering into the sea, where life originated from, is a beautiful reunion. Don’t fall into all the fear, ans supernatural nonsense; If you are contemplating such a question, you know the answer is found within your heart. Go with your heart.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 3rd January 2018

      Thank you for that Gregory, a great answer from a Buddhist perspective – thank you so much

  13. Reply
    Tracey Morrison - 19th December 2017

    I just have a question if you open the urn of your loved one will there spirit leave your house and you .

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 19th December 2017

      It depends on your belief system, eastern religions tend to think the spirit stays with the ashes until the a cleansed in water (a little simplistic perhaps). Other might suggest the spirit will stay associated with a place and therefore the presence of the ashes is not that critical, therefore simply opening the urn will not ‘release’ the spirit. This is obviously open to interpretation.

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