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ashes jewellery lost

Losing Ashes Jewellery – Steps to take to keep it safe

Ashes Jewellery is one of the most precious items you’ll own. We know because people tell us. We even have some people order a piece then don’t where it because they get so worked up about losing it.

We also know what happens when people who do lose items, and how they try to get them back: appeals in the local newspaper or Facebook or other social media. This can get results as people are really keen to help and stories get shared in huge number times. One lady lost the lockets containing the ashes of her son and the appeal on Facebook was shared seventy five thousand times. She was interviewed by the Derbyshire Times and went onto say:”Any jewellery shops, if anyone tries to sell you it, please can you get in touch.

“I will pay whatever you would want for it.

“Please, if you have it I’m begging you to return it to me as I’m gutted.”

She added: “I’m overwhelmingly grateful for all the shares and supportive comments left on the Facebook post in help to get my pendant returned.”

Clearly a distressing incident. It should not put you off wearing ashes jewellery, these incidents are still very rare and it is because of the comfort that they provide for many in having a loved one close, that it matters all the more.

We would advise that once you have the ashes jewellery you consider doing a few things:

  • Keep a little of the rest of ashes back and store them somewhere safe, then if the worse happens it will be painful but it won’t be a complete separation.
  • If you can bear not to, don’t take it or wear it anywhere where jewellery tends to get lost eg the beach
  • Check the the chain from time to time especially if worn daily. Chains can easily be replaced.
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