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ashes into a ceramic glaze

Ashes into Ceramic Pottery: USA

Do you live in the United States and would you like to have ashes incorporated into a piece ceramic art? If the answer is yes (to both of thoses), then great news because I have a choice of ceramic artists for you! We have had two lovely potters contact us over the past few months and they offer just this service.

ashes into ceramic glaze


Beauty For Ashes Memorial Pottery


Sarah works her studio home in Swansea in South Eastern Massachusetts. The technique was developed after using ashes from there German Shepherd who passed away.
“As I looked at his box of ashes just sitting on our mantel awaiting to be scattered in various places he loved I thought how I would like to have some of him with us. I originally made a small urn to place some ashes in. Then it hit me. Do I want to look at something that for me, would just remind me of his death? I decided to put some of his ashes in the clay and made a beautiful vase. I shaped it and glazed it in a way that I felt exemplified him. Now I look at the vase either displayed on a shelf or full of flowers on the table and think of him with a smile.

Knowing the peace and happiness having him memorialized in this way I thought why wouldn’t I do the same for people. When you entrust me with ashes please know I do so with great respect and humility. I honestly have asked God to use me to help others through my work. While I see and seek Him in all aspects of my life and work there was a clear anointing on this calling. God truly can give us all beauty for ashes.”

ashes into a ceramic glaze


Living Art Pottery


Pottery artist Peggy Choate-Roberts based in Dallas, Texas – was originally photorealist painter, but grew to dislike the control and predictability of that genre. So, it is no surprise that when she discovered ceramics (not exactly known for its predictability!) she became hooked.


Having been an artist for more than 30 years, she was inspired to go a step further in showing her love for her 18 year old “Snickers” when he went to “kitty cat Heaven”. Having had him cremated, his ashes sat alongside the ashes of “Angelbaby” who preceded him in her passing after 14 years of family memories and fun. It wasn’t enough. Ashes, though personal, were not representational of the life he brought into our family.  He was a good-looking boy with style and love.


So, with a passion for pottery and a heart for pets of all kinds, those precious cremains were lovingly combined with the “earth’s clays” in a beautiful way. When adding cremains (cremation ash) to the clay and glazes, the effects are unique for each piece of art which adds to the individuality and beauty of your pet’s memorial art. Every customer is treated like they were a part of our family.


So if you live over ‘the pon’d and these lovely objects are what you are after then – enjoy

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