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scattering ashes at springtime

A Spring Scattering Ceremony

scattering ashes with wildflowers
spring wildflowers

Well we tried waiting until Spring had sprung before writing this but Mother Nature seems to have other ideas!

The daffodils and crocuses are still trying to survive despite the snow and rain and Easter is a time when many families get together and think about their loved ones and often decide to scatter their ashes so we’ve put together a couple of ideas for a Spring scattering ceremony.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that it is your ceremony so it is entirely up to you whatever you decide to do. Do think about having someone who can say a few words, they don’t have to trained as a religious figure, unless you want them to, or as a public speaker, although you may wish to use a Celebrant (,  just someone who can guide those gathered through the ceremony.

You may wish to have a formal or informal order of service, even if you don’t give attendees a printed version it is useful for at least one person to have a rough idea of what is going to happen and to lead the others gathered. You could start with some music (do make sure to bring enough batteries or source a power supply if using a sound system), so that people have a chance to settle down. It is a good idea to follow with a brief welcome and let people know what is going to happen.  A poem or reading can be helpful at this juncture, here is a lovely one we found on the website

Spring Thaw

(Lee Avery Reed)

Not that winter seemed so long, —
We were content together, —
Our home was warm with love, it could
Withstand the fiercest weather.

Yet sometimes we would speak of spring,
Anticipate the greening
On all the views we loved so well,
Now touched with greater meaning.

Today I walk in early spring
As memories come welling . . .
And oh, to see a crocus bloom
And you not here for telling!

You might like to then talk about the deceased or get others to say a few words, if you are going to ask people to say something it is good to give them plenty of warning beforehand so that they have time to prepare a goodbye in advance. You may decide to have a formal eulogy by a faith leader or celebrant or you might just want to talk about how you met the deceased or a favourite story or memory.

When it is time to scatter the ashes you may want to think about doing something symbolic such as scattering flower petals, wildflower seeds, releasing doves or Chinese lanterns. You could simply shake hands or light a candle, with a little preparation your ceremony can be a really special and meaningful event.

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