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12 Special Ideas for Scattering Ashes

There is a wide range of special ideas for scattering ashes here are some we like:

  • Plant and memorial tree and scatter them around the tree or or bury them underneath
  • Put them in to some fireworks and blast then into the night sky
  • Place them in a memorial reef off of the coast of Dorset
  • Scatter them at their favourite beach at sunset
  • Take a boat downstream, find a peaceful spot for your ceremony
  • Take them abroad and scatter a little at destination that they visited or wished to go to
  • Skydive! Release them from a tandem skydive at 10,000ft
  • Toast them a final farewell using some toasting cups
  • Cast them from a WWII spitfire whilst flying over the white cliff’s of Dover
  • For ex Naval Servicemen and women – you can ask the Royal Navy to perform a water committal free of charge
  • Release them onto the edge of space where they can drift on the solar winds
  • Getting permission to scatter at a famous location eg National Trust site and get the family together and make an occasion of it.

But do remember to keep some back to for a keepsake or piece of ashes jewellery.

With some planning and thought you can make the scattering ceremony a really special occasion. Scattering ceremonies are different to funerals, you don’t have to rush and you can tie it into an anniversary after the initial raw grief has subsided. It can be a time to reflect on the persons life in a more positive setting.

Remember to consider what it is you want not just them as you may want to return to the location (or you may not). There is also the possibility you may want to go to the same place when your time comes. Don’t rush, and remember it is your ceremony.

Special ideas for scattering ashes.




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