Garden Memorial Urn: Stone Fir Cone

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Memorial Garden Urn – Fir Cone™

    • Reconstituted Bath Stone
    • Holds one set of adult ashes
    • Can come with you if you need to move house
    • Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee


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Garden Memorial Urn: Stone Fir Cone – A Discreet and Dignified Tribute

Introducing our Garden Memorial Urn, meticulously shaped like a stone fir cone, offering a dignified and discreet way to keep your loved one’s ashes in your beloved garden. Handcrafted from reconstituted Portland stone, this unique urn is exclusively available through Scattering Ashes and is made by skilled craftsmen in the UK.

Key Features:

  • Material: Our urns are crafted from high-quality reconstituted Portland stone, ensuring durability and a natural weathering process that mirrors traditional stone, allowing the urn to blend seamlessly into garden settings.
  • Dimensions: The urn stands at approximately 55cm tall (just under 2ft) with a diameter of 30cm, and weighs around 48Kg, making it a substantial yet manageable garden feature.
  • Capacity: Each urn includes a water-tight container suitable for securely holding the ashes of one adult.

The Benefits of Keeping Ashes in the Garden:

  • Emotional Connection: Gardens often hold a special place in the hearts of those who spend time nurturing them. Placing ashes in a garden urn allows you to keep your loved one close in a space they loved and cherished.
  • Mobility: Unlike burying ashes directly in the garden soil, using an urn allows for mobility. If you relocate, you can easily take the urn with you, ensuring your loved one’s memory moves with you.
  • Privacy: The fir cone urn serves as a discreet memorial. Visitors may admire it as a simple garden ornament without knowing its significance, giving you control over personal disclosures.

A Lasting Garden Feature:

The stone fir cone design not only adds a touch of elegance to any garden but also serves as a lasting tribute that integrates beautifully with the natural environment. Its robust construction means it does not require securing to the ground, and its weather-resistant properties ensure it maintains its integrity over the years.

Delivery Information:

Please note, due to the significant weight of the urn, delivery costs are additional and vary by region. We provide a detailed estimate for delivery based on your location, ensuring transparency and no surprise costs. For areas not listed, please contact us directly for a personalized quote.

Choose our Stone Fir Cone Garden Memorial Urn for a timeless and respectful way to remember your loved one in the tranquility of your garden.

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Due to the weight of these the price excludes delivery. 

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AreaEstimated Price
South West£55.00
Central England£61.00
South East (excl. Central London)£65.00
Central London£87.00
Northern England£78.00
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Wales (LL postcodes)£78.00
Wales (SA & LD postcodes)£87.00
Southern Scotland£87.00
For Highlands and Islands please contact us for a quote
*please note these prices are estimates and we will provide an exact quote upon request/when an order is placed

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4 reviews for Garden Memorial Urn: Stone Fir Cone

  1. Jill (verified owner)

    Just to say thank you for the lovely fir cone memorial, I’m really pleased and it’s perfect in my garden for my mum’s ashes
    She always said ” just bury me in your garden Jill” and I feel the ornament is just right.

    • Karen Martin

      Oh Jill we’re so pleased you like it and so glad that’s you’ve found the right thing for your Mum. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write a review, as a small rural business it’s worth it’s weight in gold – thank you.

  2. Karen (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful service from start to finish. The fir cone looks amazing in the garden that my dad loved and spent many hours. Excellent company and excellent product. *****

  3. Harry (verified owner)

    I would like to thank you for your excellent service and I’m so happy with my purchase, the fir cone. It looks so natural in our garden and a lovely tribute to my loved one. Thanking you

  4. Sue & family (verified owner)

    This Urn looks wonderful in my garden, with my late Husband ashes, in the Garden he loved. Thank you for your kindness at a very difficult time.

    • Richard Martin

      We are really glad you like it Sue.
      Kind regards

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