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scattering in arizona

Scattering Roxanne in Arizona


Below is a five minute video that had been posted on YouTube entitled Spreading Ashes – Spreading Roxanne’s ashes at Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

Why it was upload and for whom I am not sure, but clearly by the emotion shown it was still quite raw for those involved. It is not an easy viewing, but do not let that put you off watching it or thinking that is how you would feel.

It was kind of those involved to share their experiences and emotions which are not untypical of many families. Whilst in no way taking away from their ceremony, there are a number of  points I would like to draw out for you, if are aiming to scatter a loved ones ashes.

They use difficult receptacle to scatter ashes from, it may be wise putting it into something else first, eg a scattering urn or similar.

The ceremony was really quiet apart from a few words from the main character (it is the ashes of his sister), the central man asks once he holds it ‘ What shall I do? scatter some and pass it on?’ .  However only two of the small party  of the attendants took it in turns to thinly scatter over the spot, being careful to keep it in one area. Then carefully stepping, avoiding where they had scattered. Without anyone guiding or help them why would they would know that more could be made of the ceremony eg reading or poetry or memory.

I thought this was exemplified when one of the men concluding the scattering says ‘I never knew there would be so much’ which is such a common experience.

One man leaves something in the tree as a marker but this is difficult to work out what or why.

Seeing this ceremony natural uncut does help us all to think how you could carry out your own ceremony. And I would like thank those who posted it for sharing their experience.



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