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Scattering in Ramsgate: the story of a son of an ex-policemen

Here is a short story I found on the website it is about one mans experience of scattering his fathers ashes.

I will try and put up as many of these stories as I find, anything which helps you to validate your experience and lets you know you are not the only one should be shared. Also if you are about to scatter some ashes and have never done it before it can help you to learn from someone else’s experience, we are all similar and yet entirely different.

This story is similar in many respects to a lot of scatterings, those involved not knowing quite what to do, having to factor cost into the decision making process, choosing a fitting final resting place, and the ubiquitous encounter with Mother Nature.

I found it interesting that when the group involved found out they would have to pay for a ‘license’ to scatter from the harbour wall they decided they would just sneak and do it anyway. It’s that typical British thing of ‘we like rules but we quite like cocking-a-snoop at them too’! Note: I could not find any reference to this fee when I looked the authority’s website but that doesn’t mean there are none, they may just not list all their charges.

What wasn’t quite so typical is that the family acted so quickly after the funeral, many of us take well over a year and often longer to decide what to do with cremation ashes. There was also a nice bit of symbolism introduced by one of the daughters, she made a paper aeroplane from pictures of the WWII aircraft associated with her father and then threw them with the ashes.

However, I was left feeling rather sad afterwards and this had nothing to do with how they scattered the ashes, you couldn’t help but feel his immediate grief at at such an unexpected loss and how this was compounded by the lack of mourners, shame.

Anyway – have a read Scattering Ashes by Peter Brooks

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