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Professional Photographer needs your help on scattering stories – ‘HERE I AM’

photographer project scattering ashes

Can you help me?

I am looking for stories of why and where ashes have been scattered.

‘Here I am’ is a photographic project I started a couple of years ago based around the themes of memory and loss.
I had been working with the NHS on an End of Life project, which entailed talking to people who were near the end of their life and asking them the best way to make things as easy as possible for them. This included what they would like to happen to their bodies after they had passed away.
This got me thinking about where I might like my ashes scattered, but also how and why and where people scatter the ashes of loved ones.

So far, I have received many stories telling me the reason why people had scattered the ashes of their loved ones in a specific place. These have been heart-warming, emotional, funny and poignant.

I have been a professional photographer for over twenty years and am taking photographs of the locations, (not the actual scattering) which are accompanied by the stories sent in……..but I need more. (Only first names would be used in the text.)

Have you scattered the ashes of a loved one in a particular place for a particular reason?

Do you know of someone whose ashes were scattered in a particular place for a particular reason?

Please do get in touch to tell me your story or to find out more and please do spread the word.

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