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long boat urn

Planning for a Viking send off


Ian Uzzell, face of the Jorvik Viking Centre, is planning to go out in one of our Viking longboat urns according to the Northern Echo.

Although they report ‘He has not yet decided what will happen to the boat.’ I guess the question is does he follow popular myth and iconography and go out on the water in burning glory or opt to be buried with grave goods which is perhaps the more historically accurate version of events.

I did read somewhere there is a recorded event of the boat being burnt on dry land with a volunteer slave girl – which is probably unacceptable in this day and age, the slave girl that is.

However I am very glad to report Mr Uzzell is in rude health and has taken part in hundreds of re-enactment events, also talks to children about Viking traditions.

He said: “I do not intend to have to use my funeral plans any time soon, but you have got to be prepared.

It was an idea that Jenny mentioned to my wife, Hazel, but was not sure how I would take it, as it is not something you like to talk about with your parents.

“But my wife mentioned it to me and I thought it was a fantastic idea.”

I am happy to say the Boat has been made and delivered and even customised for in Mr Uzzel’s battle colours (Sky blue and yellow) we haven’t asked, but they are very Swedish or Ukrainian- I wonder about the symbolism – I don’t doubt there is some.

He said: “It is an odd sensation, to look at this thing and think ‘that is where my ashes are going to go one day’.”

So when the Norns that sit at the base of Yggdrasil (Norse tree of life) finally call time he will be well catered for and as an ex-marine he can sit shoulder to shoulder amongst friend and foe in the halls of Valhalla.

And here it is

long boat urn
In full colours

cremation boat

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