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scattering ashes in wales

Scattering in Maes y Mynydd – letting a friend go

I came across a post by the artist and illustrator Jackie Morris, she has shared her experience of scattering the ashes of a close personal friend called Glyn.

It is a lovely piece from a cleared talented artist. Strangely enough I had a look at her Facebook page to see if I had seen her work before, I recognised her style, turns out she is the illustrator for a book I love reading to my kids – East of the Sun West of the Moon. Sorry for digressing.

Her story really takes you there; this is a solitary scattering with just her and the ashes of her friend. As with many people she is surprised by their weight. She takes a walk to an abandoned cottage where her friend had expressed a wish to be scattered. When she arrived she was confronted by the thought that many of us wonder: how do you scatter the ashes? She chooses to use her hands and throw each handful onto the wind. What I really loved is that each casting she chooses to reflect on a different stage of her friend’s life, from a boy to a young man, then on into adulthood – really powerful and thought provoking.

The piece is also captured by lovely photography (I have borrowed and referenced it for this post, if you read this Ms Morris I hope you don’t mind)

Here is her post

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