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Lincolnshire scattering ahes

Scattering mum at Gibraltar point


This is a lovely piece about a daughter, her siblings and offspring returning their mum to the area where she grew up, at Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire in the UK to scatter the ashes. From the BBC magazine online:

 ‘Who said scattering ashes was easy?‘

The lady’s emotions are those shared by many, rather than cut ‘n’ paste the whole article I would like to highlight a number of points:

  • The family choose to scatter at their mum’s ashes at childhood home rather than a plot which was alongside her husband’s
  • Even after the decision was made it took two years to make the journey to scatter the ashes, which is quite a typical length of time
  • “I was so glad that the kids came. They lightened our spirits and organised games. It was a real happy family time and the weather was gorgeous.” – The presence of children being involved seems to be a active consideration for many, however I have yet to read any article regretting it.
  • The fact the ashes blew about and landed on people and the subsequent fact that this brought amusement and lightened the mood: again another very common occurrence.
  • Finally the lovely summing up “When I looked around at all of us, here together, I knew we had come to the right place at the right time. Mum would have loved it. I loved it. I have a photograph of the dune, on a remote sandy beach, facing the roaring sea with a brilliant blue sky above it – Mum’s view. It looks like paradise to me and it always makes me smile. I can’t remember her funeral much but I’ll never forget the ashes!” 

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