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time allocated at a crematoria

Did you feel you had long enough for your ceremony at the crematorium?

We asked the public whether they had long enough for their ceremony at the crematorium for their service?

Yes the length of time was right – 56.25%

Just a about enough time              – 16.25%

It was slightly rushed                      – 8.75%

It was far too short                           – 5.00%


This was the comments that that left:

  • My funeral director advised to book a triple slot as that worked out perfectly for the double funeral of both my parents. Coychurch Crematorium gave us the last 3 slots of the afternoon from 2.45pm so there was no funeral after ours and so there was no rush.
  • We had a double slot to allow for time to greet everyone following the ceremony.
  • [There was a ] Conveyor belt feeling, despite best efforts of staff to manage it.
  • Service time fine but when we come outside talking and thanking family and friends the next service was waiting respectfully for us to leave and it made their time slot late.
  • [The Crematorium] has one chapel with 30 minutes slots and this does not give any time when you have a larger attendance because we had 40 people attending some older and slower.
  • These days most crematoria are on an hourly service and Mansfield should adapt to this too
  • The service is dependent on who your funeral service is conducted by.
  • I booked a double session to allow people to arrive and leave unrushed.
  • Unknown until all is done
  • We asked for a longer service and they allowed us to do this

So in conclusion: for most people the time allowed seems appropriate, one might hope that the percentage was higher, suggesting to me that timings could be looked at so that it is up near the 80% mark, as one has to accept it it will never be entirely satisfactory for everyone.

The other thing perhaps worth noting was the many people in the comments section booked extended slots, which provided them enough time, a very interesting point was made that with a elderly congregation in large numbers had a serious impact on time.

Finally, I hope also that funeral directors and crematoria alike inform mourners that this an option, clearly one respondent was unaware that this was an option.

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