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cremation ashes lewis

Even TripAdvisor is joining in!


Well sort of, I came across someone last week asking for tips for a location to scatter their mothers ashes

Good place on Lewis to scatter ashes

My mother sadly passed away in October and the family is hoping to have a get-together next July to commemorate her life and scatter her ashes in Lewis, which is where she was born, though she left when she was 14 and only went back once since then, I think.

She was born in Sandwick, just outside Stornoway, and my sister thought we could do it on seafront there, but I am worried that it will be too public and also not the most appealing place, with possible access difficulties too.

So, I was wondering if anyone knew of a peaceful and secluded place where it might be appropriate to lay her to final rest? Some of the party may have limited mobility, so the place would have to have vehicle access reasonably nearby.”

To date it has had one reply:

“What about the Braighe. The Aignish cemetery side has a path from the car park. That side is usually quiet and a lovely setting. Near to Sandwick too.”

So there you go I looked Braighe up and I have added a picture (the main post image) for those interested. The respondent does seem to have got a good idea.

However that is not the principal reason for the post it often these small snippets that offer the most insight. Firstly the family felt it correct to scatter their mother ashes in a place clearly none of them knew, or that their mother had rarely if ever returned after her departure. Furthermore even though I imagine they have given this considerable thought, it would obviously not be a place they would need to revisit on a frequent basis. For those not up on British geography Lewis is a most splendidly beautiful island off the north west cost of Scotland in the Hebrides, insomniacs may recognise Stornoway from the lilting tones of Radio 4’s shipping forecast. Put it like this you can’t get there on a cheap away-day return from Bastingstoke.

The second point of interest is that one of the family asked the world (well specially travellers), as to a suitable spot. I am not saying this is a bad idea or the wrong thing to do be there is a lot of trust and responsibility in such a request (I am sure this is perhaps the initial point of research).

Lastly it set me thinking, well who would you ask if you had no contacts or knowledge in a place. ‘Hi, is that tourist information?’ I suppose you could ask for a picturesque secluded beach with mobility access. Perhaps a member of the clergy may help. Certainly there would be celebrants in the area although you may feel obliged to use their services. I will give this more thought.


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