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scattering ashes dartmouth

Agatha Christie and the River Dart – one man’s experience


A customer dropped us a note about their experience:

“June passed away late last year after a being ill for a few months, she had chance to put her affairs in order and she said that she wished to be cremated and we had a lovely service at the church even though she was not what you would call practising, and just close family at the crem. What we really hadn’t thought about or discussed was what she wanted doing with her ashes. She was a very free and loving person with a great sense of humour and a love of the English countryside and the outdoors. After collecting the ashes I choose to keep them under the bed, it seemed right in some ways but not in others, but I knew that I would need to set her free at some point. I wasn’t in a rush, it was after a conversation with my son where we were just reminiscing about things she loved and he started talking about her passion for crime novels, especially Agatha Christie, she loved those books although Miss Marple was her particular favourite. It was this that put the seed of an idea in my mind, we both loved Devon and had holidayed down there many time when the kids were little. I came across your website by chance and saw you offered boat trips on the river Dart that goes past the Dittisham estate where Agatha Christie lived. So we booked the trip for a weekend in May, we managed to get all the family together, which was no mean feat in itself. We debated whether to bring the grandkids along (we decided to bring them in the end and I am glad we did). We conducted our ceremony on a lovely spot on the river near the estate which was bitter sweet as you might expect, the weather threatened all day but held. We all said our good-byes and set off for Totnes for a family meal. I am so glad we did this – it felt right.”

This was taken from Mr Scott’s email and published with his consent. We would love to here from you about your experiences as it nice to know were are helping and it also helps others too.

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