Walking Stick

Walking Stick

Walking Stick. A customer wanted to scatter a small amount of ashes on a favourite spot where she and her partner used to enjoy walking. She didn’t want a scatter tube and so we searched for some ideas. We found a wonderful man right here in Devon who was able to offer a choice of different woods that he could make into a walking stick. We then found a small vessel that could be fitted into the stick with a screw lid so that a small amount of ashes could be placed inside.

She took her Oak Walking Stick with a small amount of his ashes and when she’d scaled the ascent she scattered a small amount of ashes where they used to sit and admire the view. By only scattering a small amount of ashes she knew that she wasn’t impacting the local flora and fauna.

We can also put some ashes into a glass topper so that the ashes can be with you whenever you go walking. This has been very popular for dogs ashes, pet owners have been comforted greatly from being able to carry on walking with their beloved dog.

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