Something Different

Something Different

Do you want to do something different with your loved one’s ashes? We want you to be able to give your loved one the send off that they deserve. Whatever the request we will do everything in our power to help you to to honour and celebrate the life of your loved one.

How about putting ashes into fireworks? We have an amazing pyrotechnician who will design you a fireworks display and get you any necessary permissions required. You can have it in time to music which is a truly wonderful  way to celebrate their life with family and friends. If you want to do something more informal in the back garden we also have self-fire rockets and fireworks that come with full instructions so that you can fire some of your loved one’s ashes into the sky.

You can have the ashes fired from a plane, from a hot air balloon, radio controlled helicopter or into the stratosphere. You can release the ashes whilst skydiving, or you can release doves when you scatter the ashes. You can hire a boat and scatter the ashes from most major Rivers and Coastlines in the United Kingdom.

You can have a small amount of ashes put into a Pen, a walking stick, or even into a favourite Record – coming soon.

And finally for the truly adventurous of spirit our Viking Longboat Urn can be launched and set on fire for entry into Valhalla!

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  • Ashes into rockets

    Ashes into Rockets: Self-fire Fireworks

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  • Memorial fireworks self fire ashes fireworks

    Memorial Fireworks: Celebration of life

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  • Ashes into Pen

    Ashes into Pen Handmade in Somerset, England

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  • memory bear

    Memory Bear Collection with Ashes Pouch

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  • memorial walking stick hollow top

    Walking Stick: Hollow topper

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  • 2018 Brochure

    Scattering Ashes Brochure

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