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we don't want the ashes back

We don’t want the ashes back


I am always keeping an eye out for news stories and when I started posting I would say every week there is a story about some cerebrally challenged crook who mistakenly pinches an urn and the family are pleading for it back (often with happy endings I am delighted to say), then there are the urns that go missing or are mislaid through all manner of odd different circumstances. Then lastly urns that turn up in odd places (charity shops are a favourite).

This one is slightly different, a hapless samaritan came across the ashes of a deceased lady in a car park in a call Victorville (An industrial and residential city in southern California, northeast of Los Angeles USA) and set about reuniting the ashes with the family, after some detective work she got call from the pastor who administered the lady’s service letting her know that the family didn’t want her back but didn’t know why.

How sad is that? I think what makes it worse is the photo of the deceased on the urn, as a young woman. Even if the family didn’t want them in the house you would think a little scattering ceremony would have sufficed. Instead she is left in a car park, whatever the reason it somehow doesn’t seem right.

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