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buddhist cremation relics

Iconic Buddhist monk’s cremation relics go on display


The Rosemead Buddhist temple in Los Angles is opening its door to the public, displaying a huge collection of relics.

This year the collection has even more artefacts, perhaps the most notable of its new relics from the Venerable Thich Quang Duc. The Buddhist monk who in 1963  in south Vietnam set fire to himself in in protest of over government repression on of Buddhism. This iconic act of self-immolation was captured on camera and made headlines around the world. An act that later became recognised as the turning point in the Buddhist crisis and a significant moment in the collapse of the American supported Diem regime.” The temple describes them and relics; we can take this to mean cremated remains.

The temple’s collection is famous with over ten thousand artefacts many of them are Sharia crystals: which are crystallised remains that from when cremation conditions are right and are considered to be extremely precious. In fact they are considered to have supernatural properties, such as the ability to emanate aromas or reproduce spontaneously (although presumably the last ability only happens when your back is turned)

The temple is even said to have the two teeth and a finger bone of the Buddha himself (nice!) “[These] are sacred religious artefacts highly revered throughout the world,” according to temple spokeswoman Vickie Sprout.

The temple first exhibited to the public in 2013, the collection has grown  through donations from all over the world, including Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Vietnam and Cambodia.



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